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Thumbtack – Best of 2016

My guitar lesson studios in Fort Collins and Longmont won a Thumbtack “Best of 2016” award. I will, of course, start referring to myself in the third person as “award-winning educator Vic Dillahay”. But seriously, thank you to all the students past and present who’ve studied with me. Being a part of your musical growth makes teaching the best job… Read more →

Times Call Article: Guitars Are Them

Taylor Guitars recently gave Guitars, Etc. 42 new instruments to use in the lessons program. Every room is now equipped with 2 high-end electrics. Student no longer need to bring their guitars from home, and they have a chance to play a wide variety of quality guitars. Here’s a Times Call article with more information. Read more →

Old Stuff, Re-Posted

I’ve added a few posts from the old lesson a month site. You can find them in the archives from March 2003 through February 2004. Read more →